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Welcome to BFT Investment Company

BFT Investment Company ensures a safe and comfortable way to gain profit from investing in the financial markets, as well as a unique opportunity to earn on quotation of major currencies even under the global economic crisis conditions.

The BFT Investment Company goal is to make the financial market opportunities available to everyone. The company's mission lies in providing new opportunities in placement of funds and stable growth of the return to the investors.

Our investment project affords you an opportunity to earn money using the Forex and Binary Options without your personal involvement in the funds turnover. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to provide significant funds to gain profit from your investments. The team of professional traders, who are engaged in analyzing financial markets since 2008, shall ensure your daily profit earning even using the minimum investment amounts starting from $10.

Each trader constituting our team passed through ups and downs; and that is why we are obtaining a unique experience of operating at the different development stages. Using joint efforts, as well as the experience and knowledge received, we elaborated a system of technical settings based upon the intuitive vision of the market, which envisages entering a deal, as close to its successful closing and earning the profit, as possible.

BFT Investment Company provides investors with a high interest on the profit received from investments in the currency markets. Advantageous and transparent scheme of cooperation, which we are offering to our customers, eliminates risks and ensures reliability of cooperation.

BFT Investment Company cooperation with the investors is based upon the following interaction scheme:

• User Agreement shall be concluded between us and the investor, who is providing funds with the BFT Investment Company.
• Funds received from the investors shall be independently placed within the Forex financial market.
• Twenty-four-hour a day trade at all the platforms available shall be carried out by a professional team of experienced traders, who are doing their utmost to achieve the high income result.

The duties of the investor after accepting the User Agreement terms and conditions, as well as after transferring the funds to the Company account, shall be limited only to controlling the accuracy of the daily interest transfer. Thus, BFT Investment Company customers are guaranteed to obtain the actual passive income, which does not require any daily operations, additional efforts and time expenditures.

The User Agreement terms and conditions provide the BFT Investment Company customers with the reliable guarantee of safeguarding their monetary assets.

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